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Too Much Sugar Can Be Bad For Your Health

I’m sure most of you have read an article or two stating; too much sugar can be bad for your health. But how do we know when we are ingesting too much sugar? It’s hard for most people to totally rid sugar from their daily intake. There are so many hidden sugars in most of the foods we consume. Food manufactures are constantly under fire for their over use of sugar in their products, is there anyway we can control our sugar intake? Read more about this epidemic:


“Chances are you already know that eating too much sugar isn’t good for you. Yet you’re probably still overdoing it: Americans average about 20 teaspoons of added sugars per day, compared to the recommended 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men. (That doesn’t include sugar found naturally in foods like fruits and milk.)

Sugary drinks, candy, baked goods, and sweetened dairy are the main sources of added sugar. But even savory foods, like breads, tomato sauce, and protein bars, can have sugar, making it all too easy to end up with a surplus of the sweet stuff. To complicate it further, added sugars can be hard to spot on nutrition labels since they can be listed under a number of names, such as corn syrup, agave nectar, palm sugar, cane juice, or sucrose. (See more names for sugar on the graphic below.)

No matter what it’s called, sugar is sugar, and it can negatively affect your body in many ways. Here’s a closer look at how sugar can mess with your health, from head to toe.”

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