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Happy Verses Healthy Scale Weight

In the weight loss industry there is so much focus on the scale. As a fitness professional I know the scale does not give you the real state of someone’s health. Over the years, we have all been taught to check the scale, check the scale. Fitness is not just measured by the amount on the scale, there are skinny people who are unhealthy and their are over weight people who are healthy. I’m not saying the scale weight is not important but you must take into account other factors for determining your health. Of course checking with your doctor is the first place to start.


“Odds are you weigh more than you did 20 years ago. Most of us do. And not only has your waistline grown, but your ideal weight has increased, too. In a recent Gallup poll, 60% described their weight as just about right. That’s just about the same percentage of Americans who are overweight or obese.

What’s the truth about your “happy weight” and your healthy weight? Are they closer than you think? Or further apart than ever?


Is Being Overweight Unhealthy?

The idea that being overweight isn’t unhealthy got a turbo-charge in 2013. That’s when a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that people who were up to 30 pounds overweight were less likely to die early than people at a normal weight.

A close investigation revealed major flaws in the study’s methods, though. Turns out, our happy weight isn’t so healthy after all.”

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