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Dressing For Outdoor Workouts

As the temperatures start to fall, it’s easy to stay under the covers and sleep in. Don’t let the cold weather deter your work out plans. Make sure you are dressed properly and you should have no problems working out in the cold.

“The best way to stay warm and dry during cold weather exercise is to learn how to properly layer your clothing. By wearing clothing in a specific combination of layers, you will more easily regulate your body temperature, keep moisture away from your skin, and stay warm and dry even as you are working up a sweat.

The layers you wear for a given activity are matched to the weather, your activity level, and your personal preference. There are essentially three layers to consider, and each has a specific function:

  1. The base layer: Wicks moisture and perspiration away from your skin to keep you warm and dry.
  2. The mid layer: Insulates and keeps you warm
  3. The outer layer: Allows moisture to escape while blocking wind, and repelling water. “

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