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Is There Really A Health Benefit To Eating Real Food

It seems sometimes that we are obsessed with food. We talk about it excessively, the quantity of it, the quality of it, the price of it, etc. There is no way of getting around it especially since food is part of our basic survival. Now since we have learned that food is not only tied ...

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Is Intermittent Fasting A New Type of Diet


Is intermittent fasting a new type of diet First let me start by saying I don’t believe in diets of any kind. I believe you can eat almost anything in moderation. There are some things I don’t eat at all but I’ll save that list for another day. I’m here to give my opinion about ...

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Too Much Sugar Can Be Bad For Your Health

I’m sure most of you have read an article or two stating; too much sugar can be bad for your health. But how do we know when we are ingesting too much sugar? It’s hard for most people to totally rid sugar from their daily intake. There are so many hidden sugars in most of ...

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Not Losing Weight On Your Low Carb Diet Find Out Why

individual wish to lose weight

There are so many articles about low carbohydrate diets, are they good are they bad. So much information but which is the right information? It’s hard to know if you are doing the right thing for you and your body. The scientific fact is that low-carb diets are effective, but are they good for you ...

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Eat These Food To Boost Your Energy

Energy Food, Energy Boosting Foods

Having more energy is key to getting through the day. Sometimes getting enough sleep will not bring us the energy we need to get through some very tough days. We like to think that if we take vitamins and get enough sleep that will do the trick. Sometimes it take just a little bit more ...

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Are Carbohydrates Necessary

This has been a long standing debate about consuming carbohydrates. Like everything else, I believe in moderation all the way around. But for some people they might need more or less carbs depending on their body type, health issues or general beliefs. No matter where you stand on the subject I think this is a ...

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How To Lose Weight During Menopause And Keep It Off

healthy habits watch your weight MENOPAUSE WEIGHT MAINTENANCE

Unexplained or unexpected weight gain has always been one of the major reasons individuals seek the help of professionals like trainers or nutritionist. But what if the weight gain is a result of you getting older and has nothing to do with too much food or lack of exercise. This is a problem for many ...

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Best Foods For Breakfast


This debate is very old, to eat breakfast or not.  A lot of people eat breakfast and a lot of them don’t, which one are you? If you are a dedicated breakfast eater like me it’s always a process of what type of breakfast should I eat and is it healthy. Sometimes my breakfast choices ...

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Are you drinking enough water daily to make sure you are hydrated enough for your exercise routines?  Do you know your foods can hydrate you too? That’s right liquids and food can both add to your hydration levels.   “Just how much water should you drink on a daily basis? Does the food you eat ...

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Eating healthy can be a chore most of the time, either you are meal prepping, making salads or watching your carbohydrate intake, it’s a lot. But here is a little cheat sheet you can print and post in your kitchen to help make the mundane task of healthy meal prepping or healthy snaking a little ...

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