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Intermittent Nutritional Cleansing

We’ve all heard exercise and healthy eating gives you the best outcome for better health. I’ve mastered the exercise part but the past two years I’ve been struggling with the healthy eating part. Job stress, hormonal imbalances and slowing metabolism have sent my eating off the rails. It doesn’t matter that I’m a trainer and ...

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Is There Really A Health Benefit To Eating Real Food

It seems sometimes that we are obsessed with food. We talk about it excessively, the quantity of it, the quality of it, the price of it, etc. There is no way of getting around it especially since food is part of our basic survival. Now since we have learned that food is not only tied ...

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Why Does It Take So Long To Lose Weight

When someone is on the journey to loose weight it can become a roller coaster ride. The process seemed easy in the beginning, the scale was moving fast and you were pretty impressed with yourself. Then after week 2 or 3 everything stopped or you weren’t loosing as much. What is happening, I’m following the ...

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Are You Experiencing Burnout?

Millions of Americans are experiencing burn out and they are not aware of it. If you are constantly grumpy, tired or always feeling just bad but not really sick? You might be experiencing burnout. It doesn’t matter your age or economic status, this problem is widespread and is showing no signs of slowing down. Human ...

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Which Exercises Are Best For Heart Health

As we age heart health is very important. Doctor’s visits always involve checking out the old ticker with the deep breathing while the doctor listens to our heart. There are things you can do on a daily basis to keep your heart in tip top shape. This is a great read and hopefully it will ...

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What Are Electrolytes And Their Role In My Body

This is a great article on electrolytes, most of us only think of electrolytes when we are working out and loosing a lot of sweat. But this mineral has many more roles than just hydration, continue reading to find out the many benefits. “Electrolytes are involved in many essential processes in your body. They play ...

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Happy Verses Healthy Scale Weight

In the weight loss industry there is so much focus on the scale. As a fitness professional I know the scale does not give you the real state of someone’s health. Over the years, we have all been taught to check the scale, check the scale. Fitness is not just measured by the amount on ...

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How Much Do You Really Know About Losing Weight


We all talk about weight and we diet and exercise continuously. Do you think these weight loss issues are handed down from our parents, or did we learn these things from our friends? Well it doesn’t matter when or where you learned them or if they are wrong or right. Let’s see how much you ...

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Is Intermittent Fasting A New Type of Diet


Is intermittent fasting a new type of diet First let me start by saying I don’t believe in diets of any kind. I believe you can eat almost anything in moderation. There are some things I don’t eat at all but I’ll save that list for another day. I’m here to give my opinion about ...

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Why You Should Be Doing Strength Training

Strength training is one of the best ways to loose fat. It raises your metabolism which help to burn more calories long after the workout has ended. As we age, strength training is just as important as aerobic training. It helps to keep our bones strong as the bones age, they become weaker. So don’t ...

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