Online Fitness Programs by Royal T Fitness

Online Fitness Programs by Royal T Fitness will help you take your fitness to another level.  I’m a certified personal trainer, group personal training specialist and fitness nutrition specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer but thought it would be too expensive?  The benefits of having a personal trainer design your fitness programs are endless. Would you like to get all the benefits of hiring a personal trainer but not the expensive cost? That’s where Royal T Fitness Programs fill that need. Every woman has different needs, the benefits of an online trainer might work for one woman but not might work for the next. Read more about the benefits of hiring a personal trainer.

Online Fitness Programs

Health and fitness organizations state that adults should engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly weigh less and have a reduced risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. The Royal T online fitness programs will help you engage in regular exercise which helps build strong bones relieves arthritis pain and can help with depression.

To see improvement and to reach your fitness potential you should change up your routine every 4-6 weeks. The body is amazingly adaptive and you must challenge and confuse the muscles. In addition to a healthy eating plan, the online fitness programs will be designed for use two to three times a week depending on your goal. It is also beneficial to track your fitness and nutrition, especially in the beginning until your new habits become second nature. Tracking, can be the difference between success and failure.

Online Fitness Programs

If you need help with weight loss, improving your health or to tighten and tone. The Royal T Fitness Programs are designed to meet you where you are; at home, the park, or the gym.  If you don’t have any equipment that’s okay, there is a program available for use with your own body weight. There is also a program designed for use at any gym where you will use free weights and machines.

If you are looking for a little bit more, you might want to consider the Royal Package. This is customized program that’s personalized just for you. This is not a generic program it takes into consideration; current fitness level, injuries or limitations, your exercise age, your time schedule and most importantly your goal. You should get the desired results when something is customized just for you.

Weight Room Fitness Programs

The other important factor in the success of this program is your diet. Nope, we are not recommending a diet, this is a change of the healthy foods you will eat instead of starving yourself or doing the temporary diet merry go round. You will learn how to substitute certain foods, how to incorporate healthier choices. The most important thing to remember about your nutrition, it’s a life style change. Temporary or fad diets just don’t work, you usually end up re-gaining the weight you lost and a little bit more.

Not only will you receive a 6-week workout program you will receive some nutritional recommendations. While you are in the program you will become a member of our closed Facebook group. This is a support group, it’s designed to be an open forum for all ladies in the group. You can post questions, pictures about your meals or just a progress report. There is a Live question and answer session every week. We are here to guide, motivate and give tips and suggestions or just answer your questions.

Online Fitness Programs; Here Are Some Points To Consider: 

1. Think about your budget, how much are you willing to pay for this service? It’s more cost effective to have a trainer write a customized program than to pay a trainer for one on one services. 

2. Are you a person who can perform your workout without much instruction? Something to consider, the trainer will give you a document or video to follow for your programs. It depends on how effective the trainer is with coaching you through the program. 

3. Choose activities that you enjoy. This will make it much easier to stick with the program. Most importantly be honest with yourself about your dedication to the program, this is the only way you will succeed. Vary your activities to avoid boredom or burnout.

Supplies for your Fitness Programs

4. Start low and go slow. Begin with small amounts of low intensity exercise. For example, an inactive person should start by walking at a regular pace for 5 minutes twice a day, 5 days per week. Slowly increase the amount of time and intensity. 

5. Before you hire an online trainer be sure to do some checking. You want to check their education, experience and certifications. Look for certifications from large reputable organizations such as National Academy of Sports Medicine or American Council on Exercise are just a few. You can run searches through these organizations to verify a trainer’s credentials.  Don’t hire a trainer based on the number of followers they have on their social media accounts. 

6. Check with your doctor or friends for referrals.  Remember you need a trainer you will have access to. Hire someone who cares about your needs. You want to make sure you are getting a customized program to fit your needs and not a generic box program. 

7. It is highly recommended that you check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program especially if you have cardiovascular risk factors, such as a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

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